Xiaomi MI A2(X6) vs Xiaomi MI A2 Lite(Redmi 6 PRO)

Left side on photo is red color Xiaomi MI A2, on right side is gold color Xiaomi MI A2 Lite

Let`s talk about Xiaomi, Xiaomi is one of the best technology company today. Xiaomi offers best quality for low budget. You can buy perfect quality phone for only 150$, it`s true! Today lot of peoples talk about Xiaomi MI A2(X6) and little cheaper brother Xiaomi MI A2 Lite(Redmi 6 Pro).
Let`s make compare these phone models. (more…)


Flash Deals

All about Flash Deals

Hey, whats up Aliexpress shopper! How are you? Now it`s time for save your money with using Flash Deals! Who is Flash Deals?

Flash Deals is similar channel looks like Super Deals.

Link here: FLASH DEALS

What differences between Super Deals and Flash Deals? 

Super deals channel offer products for several days if you want to learn more about these products, Flash deals channel offer products for 1/4 day.



Frozen Order


If you bought on Aliexpress and you show order status as “Frozen Order”, don`t scary, it is not a end of the world, you will get money refund automatically within 24h-10days(differently payment way).

Why my order status “Frozen”?

Aliexpress marketplace have big quantity of sellers. Sellers is ordinary peoples, on aliexpress market can be meet different types of character sellers. Can be meet good sellers, can be meet with scammers, but don`t worry, aliexpress have 100% protection safe of your money. All scammers of aliexpress will get banned and deleted, all money of paid for scammers are frozen. Aliexpress sellers get money only if aliexpress buyer(it is you) confirm order received, if not, money are frozen on aliexpress money safe system.






Who is 11-11 on Aliexpress? Every year, November of 11th going the world biggest global shopping festival.

One day to save money, thousands of brands, millions products, only on November of 11th.

Every Aliexpress user can from October of 28th to November of 3th, play GAMELAND games and win coupons, play once every day, you can play one game per day.

From November of 4th to November of 7th, preview all better deals.

From November of 8th to November of 10th, buy aliexpress coupons with 50% discount.

On November of 11th use all your coupons to biggest early shopping, save money, be happy with your goods.

Who is GAMELAND? Play funny games, win free coupons, collect coupons, coupons can be use only on November of 11th. (more…)



Every Aliexpress buyer can save money by use coupons with every* purchase.

All Aliexpress coupons catalog available here – Aliexpress Coupons Catalog

If you browse another product, try to find “Store Promotion” selection.


Click on “Get a US $xx.xx(custom value) coupon”. This text writed inside red squared border of offer. Now you have coupon and you get instant discount with purchasing products. Don`t forget to use coupon with purchase from this store!




If you have Aliexpress account and your cart is not empty, i think you wanna to pay for your goods and wait for your goods status “awaiting shipment”. How to made payment on Aliexpress?



The most popular payment type on Aliexpress is credit card. If you have Visa (Not Visa Electron, this Visa only for money cashouts), MasterCard, Maestro (not always acceptable, check your bank rules), American Express.

From Credit Card can be made payments from 0.01$ (or your different currency). If your bank block your payment to Aliexpress, login to your online bank and check your credit card security settings, sometimes banks use default settings with blocked online payments.



On Mobile

on mobile

Do you use Aliexpress everyday? Do you want use Aliexpress everywhere? You must have mobile phone or tablet with Android or iOS operating system.

Scan code for simply&quickly download:

scan code aliexpress

Install Aliexpress mobile shopping app download link for Android devices – Here

Install Aliexpress mobile shopping app download link for iOS devices – Here (more…)


Who is A0, A1, A2, A3 or A4?


This is your member level of Aliexpress shopping portal. Every registered user assist with Aliexpress member club.

If you are new registered user, you have 0 points and your level is A0. If you collect 1 point, your level up to A1. If you collect 100 points, your level rises to A2. If you collect 500 points, your level rises to A3. If you collect 2000 or more points, your level rises to A4.

How to get points and rises your level? Just shopping with aliexpress. Leave feedback for sellers.




Do you bought from Aliexpress? You are satisfied with your goods? No ? You can open dispute for send to seller back your goods and refund your money. Get money refund without shipping to seller, your received goods. Get part money refund if you not satisfied with your goods, different sizes as described, poor quality or similar problems.

How to open dispute on Aliexpress ?

Go to Aliexpress, then must login.




How to track your Aliexpress goods?

Who is Tracking Number? This number can show locate of your ordered item. Often times ordered items from Aliexpress arrives through 15-60 days(China post air mail, Hongkong post air mail, Singapore post, Swiss post), if you order via luxurious courier, you will get your good within 1-7 days (DHL or another courier). (more…)


Group Deals

Who is “Group Deals”? This is special offers for Aliexpress shoppers. Aliexpress now has Group Deals offers for Spanish, Brasil and Russia peoples. In Spanish, Brasil or Russia Group Deals shopping can buy all shoppers from around the world, all Aliexpress Group Deals items shipping around the world and mostly for absolutely free(about 98% times)!

How to find Aliexpress Group Deals? (more…)


Who is Aliexpress ?

aliexpress logo all you need to know aliexpress

Who is Aliexpress? Aliexpress is biggest chinese online market, this market is better than eBay, DealExtreme, BuyInCoins, FocalPrice, TinyDeal or similar another. Aliexpress prices ever time are better than another Chinese shops. If you need Mobile Phones, Tablets, Clothes, Car Stuff, Dresses, Home Stuff, Cosmetics, Baby Stuff, Sports Stuff or Adult Stuff, online video games or even health products as the Ultra omega burn, you must know just one web address, this address is AliExpress.com.